Virginia Barton

31 August 2018: Posh Shop

Not so very long ago I remember loose sugar being weighed into stout paper bags; likewise tea and other dry goods, like rice. Very little was pre-packed. We didn’t all die of food poisoning either.

10 August 2018: The Narrator

Sam Dastor, actor, is preparing to read BH’s book “Crater’s Edge” for Audible. It’s brave of Sam because he speaks neither Polish, Russian nor Persian.

3 August 2018: Comical!

Every week my sister and I bought “The Beano” and “The Dandy” which we read from end to end in total silence, most likely sucking a gobstopper – also tolerated by my mother, despite the hideous name.

29 June 2018: Woof woof!

I am not a doggie person unlike the vast majority of my compatriots whom, I suspect, actually prefer their dogs to their children. However, I have recently come across two dogs likely to change my mind.

15 June 2018: Kugelis

You can’t go wrong with this Lithuanian “side,” even on the hottest day. Teenagers love kugelis; it fills all parts other padding-out foods fail to reach.

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