Virginia Barton

15 February 2019: Men in cars

The neurologist was really apologetic; he had no idea how close he was to being hugged. I managed to resist whooping and look crestfallen.

8 February 2019: Thank you’s

On Boxing Day we made a careful list of all our presents and who had given what and to whom we had to write and say thank you. Times have changed.

25 January 2019: Intruders, part 2

I have never in my life had 13 different kinds of tea and coffee in the flat. I had no idea they even existed, let alone might find a lodging with me.

14 December 2018: Refuge

Have you been displaced? Slung out of your home with just half-an-hour to collect your things? BH knew all about it; and about arriving here to an uncertain welcome.

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