Virginia Barton


4 January 2019: Mickey!

He can always pull you out of a black dog mood, comfort you in one of life’s not infrequent sad moments with his fixed but genuine smile.

14 December 2018: Refuge

Have you been displaced? Slung out of your home with just half-an-hour to collect your things? BH knew all about it; and about arriving here to an uncertain welcome.

30 November 2018: Cherishing your Oldies

We aged ones have been called many things: dustys, crumblies, wrinklies, crinklies, old bats, etc. and many much ruder names I wouldn’t dream of typing. The scoffers forget that very likely they, too, will be an old trout one day.

16 November 2018: The Long Road to Sainthood

On November 8, 2018, Blessed Michał Giedroyć was officially confirmed, with his Feast Day fixed on May 4th. Always known as “Blessed” Mike in the family, the inverted commas can now be omitted.

9 November 2018: Armistice Day

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month the Armistice was signed to end the First World War, one-hundred years ago.

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