Virginia Barton


19 July 2017: Beloved Snail

The “Snail” has broken cover! Come out from under a flower pot and is now rampant! Exposed to the rigours of the market.

14 July 2017: Bastille Day

It is said they only found one mad old man in the Bastille when they stormed it on this day in 1789. This info may well be fabricated and based on Dr Manette in “A Tale of Two Cities.”

Any port in the storm of faith?

We have all experienced the tug-of-war between the demands of everyday life and the very real desire to linger longer in the presence of Christ. The necessity of getting on usually takes precedence. But it is salutory to ask oneself at regular intervals – why am I (stilI) a Catholic?

Crack open the Catechism, a feast for the soul

Neither I nor anybody else can make you read the Catechism. In fact when you hear, “You just must read this, you’ll love it,” it is almost guaranteed to put you off. But we are urged by none other than the Holy Father – not a com­mand, but a recommendation.

The Big Day gets bigger, but what about tomorrow?

There can be no certainty about either the chosen man or woman, or about the quality of the future marriage. It’s a risk, a leap in the dark, however well-prepared. If this writer had a tenner for every time she had been asked how to be sure one had chosen the right mate, she would be a rich woman!

As I walked out one midsummer morning . . .

To find him let loose in the deepest countryside with his loathing of dogs, his total lack of knowledge concerning flowers, trees and everything else that goes to make up the countryside is somehow disarming and one admires the man’s courage in covering some 400 kms when he seems so ill-equipped to do so.

Hometruths: yes again and again

I think the majority of parents do care about the sort of Godless society their children are growing up in but they don’t know how to articulate their dislike of today’s moral climate, how to protest or how to change it.

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