Virginia Barton

Altar egos

Catholic Herald, 8 March 1991  


Review: Believing Bishops by Simon Lee and Peter Stanford (Faber, £4.99)


Not many pew people would confess to finding the subject of bishops thrilling. Admirable, yes. Loveable, perhaps. Remote, grand, majestic – but thrilling? Hardly.

bishops-mitreYet Believing Bishops is a truly thrilling book. Partly because it brings to the layman the wide sweep of our bishops’ hopes and fears; mostly because it puts a human face to all those ruffles and robes.

The job specification for a bishop is intimidating: teach, lead, serve, pray. How our bishops, Anglican and Catholic, face up to these awesome demands is described in racey prose supported by a host of quotes and interviews.

By dint of listening to the opinions of pew people, these authors were, I believe, the only media-wallahs to tip George Carey for the post at Canterbury.

This book succeeds in revealing the positive aspect of some of these splendid men and makes one feel optimistic about the pastors who will lead us into the next millennium.




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