Virginia Barton

9 June 2017: The Morning After


9 June 2017




Actually, I’m feeling rather grim and look like the witch of Endor.

Yes there was tea, and several plates of toast and marmalade. But despite preparedness, it was doleful listening and the inoffensive Cleggers lost his seat.

A plague on all your houses. The consensus seems to be another Election in October, but anything may happen. JC (no, not the JC you’re thinking of) seems to have rallied the youngsters, which is good news as it’s their future.


Thanks for your comments yesterday. Rents, travel, childcare and rising prices are driving nurses and others to food banks. It’s very shocking and the contrast glaring if you take a stroll down Knightsbridge.

Personally, I think I’ll wheel BH to the top of a hill and wait for The Deluge.






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