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8 June 2015: Bookmarks


8 June 2015


My bookmarks need weeding. Scrolling down to try and find that excellent website saved to tell me the quickest way overland to Ohrid, Macedonia (when you decide you just can’t face Luton Airport ever again), it’s obvious there’s too much dross.

However, some things must be kept: BH’s trouser supplier, complete with measurements; the International phone directory; Omphalodes – what it is and where to get it; a highly recommended cheapo hotel in central London you just might stay in one day; the Obits columns from the class dailies. And the Almanac do Gotha is handy now and then.




But there is one website I bookmarked some years ago, and every now and then I have another look. Spend time on Radzima Photo:

Radzima means “homeland” in Belarusian. The author of these beautiful black and white pictures is an American from Chicago called John Kunstadter. When you feel frazzled or anxious, or when you  need the comfort of knowing that not everything changes at lightning speed in this old world; take time to drop in on village life a thousand three hundred and sixty miles to the east of London.


Thus the modest but devoted bee knows to make honey even from bitter flowers.”

This is a line from a poem by Belarusian poet Maksim Bahdanovic, and John Kunstadter took it as his guide and inspiration. In return he has given us, the viewer, a website of rare beauty and delight.






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