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8 February 2019: Thank you’s


8 February 2019


Times have changed.

On Boxing Day we made a careful list of all our presents and who had given what and to whom we had to write and say thank you.

The letters got shorter and shorter. The fulsome descriptions for the first two or three were sadly abbreviated by the time we came to the last two or three.

We were given lots of presents not only by relations but by godparents, far-away aunts and uncles and even business colleagues of my father’s. Everyone had to be properly thanked, and my mother read every single one.


Times have changed.

Here are a few samples of this year’s thank you’s:

Dear Gran.

I hope you are well I am. I hope Silky is well too.

Thank you for the lovely Christmas presents you sent me me, I love them,

I hope I see you soon, lots of love,

Vicky xxxxxxxxxxxxx

ps Please stroke Silky from me!


A thank you e-mail:

Hi Gran!

Big thanks for the dosh! I’ll get some sox, really useful this cold weather!

Is Silky still messing up your best cushion? See ya!

Josh XX


A thank you text:

Hey G, ta for cash! V v kind. U throttled Silks yet?



They all say the same thing, and I love them all unreservedly.

There were only two letters this year which I will keep. Several e-mails which stay in a file till I need it for something else; and texts – of which there were many – alas get deleted, even the one that suggests throttling the cat.



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