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7 October 2015: Today’s Tweet


7 October 2015


There is an early morning programme on the wireless I rarely miss. “Tweet of the Day” describes a different bird every day, including its appearance, habits, and examples of its song.

handsome_dude___crested_lark_by_jamie_macarthur-d50jyibToday was the turn of the Crested Lark, a bird not seen in the UK but common just over the Channel. It is a dull-looking brown-feathered little thing apart from the crest, and its song cannot compare with the skylark. Rather than soaring into the sky, it hops along the wayside, picking up stray seeds and grains of corn.


However, the presenter of the Tweet related how St Francis likened its feathers to the habit of a humble monk with the earth tones of their clothing, and its habit of going by the wayside to those of the mendicant or poorest Friars. “Sister Lark,” he called the little bird.

Did they exchange songs, I wonder?


P.S.  Actually, I think the pic of St Francis’s bird should be “Brother Lark”,  because the crest denotes a male? Or am I mistaken? VB



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