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7 December 2018: Christmas gifts

7 December 2018


Things themselves do not remain,
but their effects do.

Therefore we should
not be mean and calculating
with what we have
but give with
a generous hand.

Look at how much
people give to
players and dancers:
why not give
just as much to Christ?

St John Chrysostom
(347- 407)


Of our four children, their spouses (= 8), plus the fifteen grandchildren (= 23 persons in all), no less than 15 are players or dancers – or musicians, writers, directors or artists!

So reading the above advice from St John Chrysostom struck a rather sour note where I am concerned. Specially knowing how hard it is to pay your bills when you are in the “Media”. BH always advised the Fruit of the Loins (as they were known collectively) to take up Accountancy.

But they tell me it’s a “calling'”and considering how much time is spent “Resting”, I guess it must be.


The secret is to do both: give to charity AND to deserving players and dancers etc etc.






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