Virginia Barton

6 October 2017: The Beacon

6 October 2017


It can seem a bleak old world whichever way you look at it. “Round up the usual suspects” and it’s enough to depress the  cheeriest of optimists: war, famine, pestilence — climate change. (You can add a few more to fit your mood.)


Remarkable things do happen, and here is an instance.


A friend of nearly sixty years has told me of a beacon of hope in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates. The beautiful Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed mosque (right) has recently been re-named: “Mariam Umm Eissa” mosque. That translates as the “Mary Mother of Jesus” mosque.


Amazingly, it is next door to the Catholic Cathedral of St Joseph (left); and not far from the Anglican parish Church of St Andrew and the Coptic Orthodox Cathedral.


If that doesn’t give you pause to think and cheer up, I can’t think what would.







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