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5 July 2013: Slap your thigh and giggle, not!

5 July 2013

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Ginny intends to give BH (Better Half) a big laugh today: the pink sunhat will be worn for the first time since June 9th! Not that it’s been wet. Sadly for the roses, no, but there’s been a constant and beastly wind.

Today, even if sitting inside watching Janowicz v Murray at Wimbledon, the hat will be defiantly in situ. A heat wave is forecast. Slap your thigh and giggle BH, see if I care.


P.S. Just heard on the wireless that Jerzy Janowicz once had to rely on Polish New Yorkers to buy him new tennis shoes; and not so long ago, slept in his car when taking part in the tournament at Wimbledon. How’s that for dedication?






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