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31 March 2015: After the break-in


31 March 2015


VB thanks those who so sympathetically joined in our distress at the robbery in the church, how kind you all are!

The office is now cleared up, but the sacristy will take longer as the windows, now boarded up, must be replaced. The robbery exposed the unsuitability of a space used by a great many people. It’s too small and VERY shabby.

I once happened to be in the sacristy at St Peter’s in Rome and it’s HUGE, with vast presses for vestments, and multiple taps and “armario” or whatever is Latin for cupboards. Stacks of marble, decoration, and many hurrying priests, deacons, and servers. All this before eight in the morning. It put our little sacristy, a thousand miles away, in the shade. (One day I might tell you why I was there.)




But Palm Sunday here was much as usual yesterday. A church subtly decorated with laurel in lieu of palms, and a large congregation clutching their small palm crosses, held aloft for a generous sprinkling of holy water. (A visiting Pole commented that they don’t have the little crosses made of palms in Poland, but real branches; I don’t know where they get them from, or when our custom started here.)

A large crowd had turned up the day before to clean the floors and the candlesticks, the pews, and the glass, in preparation for this Holy Week, always the highest point of the year.


One is never really ready for Easter Day, I suppose, but the week before is a sort of last chance for some earthly and spiritual housekeeping.






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