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3 July 2014: Write your own Epitaph


3 July 2014


Near to this Stone lies Archer (John)
Late Saxton (I aver)
Who without Tears thirty four years,
Did Carcases inter,

But Death at last for his works past,
Unto him thus did say,
Leave off thy Trade be not afraid,
But forthwith come away;

 Without reply or asking why,
The summons he obey’d,
In seventeen hundred & sixty eight
Resigned his Life and Spade.

Died Sepbr 15th AE 74.


A kind Benedictine monk, in a monastery not far from Selby Abbey, sent me this splendid epitaph. It is to be found in the South aisle, he thinks. Selby is not very far from York.




I throw down the gauntlet: write your own Epitaph. Here’s mine for starters:

Here lies Ginny holding forth,
gobby as we say up north.
Speech arrested in mid flow,
silenced by a final blow.
Quiet now, the last word said,
Pax eterna, Amen, Dead.





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