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27 July 2018: Diamonds

27 July 2018


Yesterday would have been our Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

BH would have preferred a quiet day at home, but I would have none of it and planned a monster tea party for at least sixty, with marquee, a band and lots of glitter.

It didn’t happen.


Instead I was miles away, having a picnic by the lake. Seven grown-ups and eight children. (BH would have hated it — you may remember his attitude to picnics: “Food is best eaten indoors sitting at a table,” he would grumble, batting away a wasp.)

The high-pitched squeals of children paddling echoed the thin shrieks of my own, years ago; dipping their toes in the freezing water. The fine drizzle and persistent chilly breeze was reassuringly familiar.

Summer in the Lake District.


Death is no more than falling blindly into the arms of God,” I kept repeating to myself. Just different arms, that’s all.

There now, I’ve made myself cry again.



Our Diamond Anniversary in a Nutshell:

They received blessings from the Lord
and mercy from God their Saviour.

Psalm 23:5




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