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26 June 2015: A Mouse


26 June 2015


Beatrix Potter-2Anyone who has read my biog will know I failed Latin GCSE. When someone told me that this was his most treasured Latin tag, I rather wished I’d tried a bit harder:

Parturient montes nascitur ridiculus mus

(The mountains parted
and a ridiculous mouse was born.)

My source told me that this describes:

“Anyone who makes an enormous fuss
about producing something inconsequential.”

A kettle holder perhaps? Or a felt match box cover? Blotters? In fact the sort of things we spent ages fashioning for aged relations’ Christmas presents.


It’s by Quintus Horatius Flaccus, by the way, a.k.a. Horace.

I wanted to call our son Hyacinth but, gosh, I’m glad we didn’t call him Flaccus.


P.S. I have been made aware today that Flaccus is his surname. Told you I failed Latin. VB





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