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26 January 2018: Buddy


26 January 2018


As a child BH would climb into the pen with the ferocious guard dogs kept by his father. These  were let out at night and were a cross-breed of wolf and German shepherd. After much tumbling and play, BH would emerge covered with fleas, much to the annoyance of his nanny.

With this long-ago childhood memory in mind I gave BH as one of his Christmas presents this year the Sponsorship of a Guide dog puppy called Buddy (right). He too is a cross-breed, from a Labrador called Fergus and a Retriever called Nancy. He’s a blonde puppy with those huge flumpy paws and ears that fly back when he races.


Buddy arrived in an envelope not a basket; a soft toy just able to perch on BH’s famous chair between “Kitty” and “Tortoise”. He came with his portrait on a fridge magnet, a calendar of doggie pics, and an album in which the Sponsor can stick his “Pupdates” (YES!) — photos and progress reports.

Buddy will be trained for his duties as a Guide Dog for the visually impaired; if he turns out to be unsuitable for the task the Sponsor may have the possibility of buying him.


BH’s interest in his little plush friend was sadly short-lived and ownership has been transferred to the youngest grand-daughter who seems to love Buddy just as her Granfer did.

As for Kitty and Tortoise, they go with the chair — destination as yet undecided. Watch this space.





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