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25 July 2013: Reply to Doris on “secrets”

25 July 2013

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Doris, you were the one who asked about the secret for a “long and happy marriage”, a question that prompted some serious thinking. It has taken several days writing, re-writing, thinking and discussing with Better Half. We are very grateful for your question actually, because it has reminded us not to take things for granted, apart from anything else.

A lot of effort and hard work was put into the marriage, especially in the early years and we both made mistakes of course.

Tomorrow, July 26th, is our 55th wedding anniversary.  I hope the comments I’ve posted now in Family (click here) won’t strike you (and other readers) as smug – that would be loathsome! We have felt pride often enough, usually in the children, but I don’t think we’ve been smug.

Do comment if you find it so and BH and I will stand chastised!





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