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25 August 2013: Schoolboy/girl howlers

25 August 2013

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On re-reading a couple of my pond-postings in Border Talk, I have spotted two glaring spelling mistakes. “Silage” spelt (or more correctly “spelled”) with an extra “e”, and “bailing” instead of “baling”.

Humbles. (Shortcut for Apologies.)

Bailing is particularly galling as we used to row on lake Ullswater almost every day when young and had to do a lot of it.



Every school master has a list of splendid howlers, and at our school they read out the best of them to the assembled school on April Fool’s Day. The perpetrator was never named, but the flaming cheeks were a dead giveaway.

One of my very best was not a spelling mistake, but a mistaken fact:

“King George 3rd died in a tight waistcoat.”

I meant of course, that the poor demented fellow had to wear one of those restraining straitjackets.


Any improvements on that?





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