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24 November 2017: The Weaver


24 November 2017


This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Might it fit “Black Friday” at a stretch?


Whoever bids other folk to do right,
but gives an evil example
by acting the opposite way,
is like a foolish weaver
who weaves quickly with one hand
and unravels the cloth just as quickly
with the other.”


Saint Thomas More said or possibly wrote that sometime between 1478 when he was born, and 1535 when he was executed.

The image of the weaver is so distinct: is he unravelling on purpose in order to deceive and mislead – pulling the wool so to speak (sorry), or is he just stupid? Thomas More implies the latter because he refers to him as foolish, but I’m not so sure; he must have realised what he was doing.


Incidentally, why Black Friday? I know it’s a great sales gimmick which for some reason (money, you dolt) we’ve adopted over here, resulting in police and ambulances being called to Tesco, amongst other stores, where frantic shoppers were trying to get their hands on goods at knock-down prices.

Were they really that cheap? Some claim that many of the “bargains” were the same price as the day or week before.

Whatever; it was a shaming exhibition of human greed and foolishness. One woman was quoted as saying that she “didn’t even want a Dyson cleaner” despite having sustained severe bruising in the scrum to get it!

Perhaps that’s why it’s called black? Explain please someone.






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