Virginia Barton

22 July 2014: Bleakness


22 July 2014


There are times, too many times, when the News is so frightful you just want to turn over and face the wall.

This last week has been just such a time: Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine, and flight MH17 blown out of the sky in East Ukraine.




People, desperate to live, flee the stark horror of continual bombing; flee the threat of the sword if they dare to practice their religion of centuries; flee the lack of food, water and a roof over their heads. Flee ever-present fear, panic, desperation.

A plane full of innocents is blown to smithereens.


Then, irony of ironies, and as if there wasn’t enough death around, the House of Lords debates the Assisted Dying Bill.


The temptation is to thank God one still has the strength to turn over and face the wall. But we try not to give way to temptations, don’t we?




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