Virginia Barton

22 February 2019: Humiliations

22 February 2019


When we were little and naughty we had to stand in the corner, usually sobbing, for all to see.

A little bit older and it was a case of:

“Go to your room; I’ll speak to you later.”


BH told me that if a soldier dropped his rifle he had to kiss it in front of his Platoon before replacing it on his shoulder. The shame of it!

To drop a bit of bread was just as bad, and the humiliating punishment was a public kiss.



How casual our attitudes have become!


I don’t know about the army and weapons, but the “staff of life” is often binned unless you thriftily make croutons with it, breadcrumbs or bread and butter pudding.

Or give it to the dog.

(Modern dogs are not allowed bread, neither are birds including ducks, I’m told.)



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