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21 December 2014: No apologies for more Christmas cards!


21 December 2014



How we love our Christmas cards! Postie rings the bell every day to hand in the bundle — partly because there are so many, and partly for a quick goss. In cold weather Postie wears his Lion Hat, a sort of furry thing with ears.

We take it in turns to open the letters. BH is very neat, as you would expect, and uses a proper paper knife. I’m more of a ripper myself. Then we read them out to each other, often puzzled by obscure handwriting or an unknown sender:

” Who on earth are Teddles and the Gang”?

“No friends of mine.”

But an enclosed photo explains all, and yes, there is “Teddles”, an old pal from Hong Kong days whom we haven’t heard from for years.

Some of the cards are so beautiful one wants to keep them to frame; some are home-made and deserve pride of place. Several enclose not only photos of growing families, but Round Robins. Mmm.


It’s the messages of course that get one. Friends you haven’t heard from for a year or more. You know that they, like you, have taken the trouble to buy a card, write a note, get a stamp and finally trog to the letter box. It was a bother, but oh the reward is great!

Most of the cards were sold to benefit a Charity. So diverse are these I cannot possibly list or count them but I do know they rely heavily on card sales to boost their income every year. Macmillan Nurses and Aid to the Church in Need were our specials this year. (But the Post Office benefited most, the cost of stamps being more than the cards. I hope Postie’s wages went up as well?)


One card, in aid of a Museum and depicting a bright star, included not only a loving message but also this Auden quote:

To discover how to be human,
is the reason we follow this star.


Now THAT’S why we still send Christmas cards!






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