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19 March 2015: Hands Across the Sea


19 March 2015


As far as VB knows, there is no decision yet as to whether and where the Smithsonian will open an exhibition site in London. It would be their first such museum outside the States.

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned the fabulous book I was given The Smithsonian’s History of America in 101 Objects by Richard Kurin? Well guess what, I found a replica of one of the Objects by my bed last Sunday. Here is a pic of it:




One of our fifteen grandchildren made it for me in her ceramics class at schoo. It’s a tile and I love it! She is called Rosie, as am I inter alia and I like to think we both share a feisty attitude to life’s vicissitudes just like the doughty Riveter.


The week before a friend from Washington brought something that is not in the Smithsonian as far as I know: a large tub of Funky Chunky with popcorn, chocolate, caramel, cashews, and sea salt. The blame for opening the tub lies squarely with BH; but the blame for eating it by the handful lies squarely with me. Lush.

So much for Lent and my blood pressure.





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