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18 May 2015: Now you see me…


18 May 2015


168It was an officer of the Scots Guards serving in the Falklands who said you have to fire forty bullets to be sure of hitting your man.

My daughter-in-law, a pro photographer, assures me that it takes at least forty camera shots to secure the best picture. She has more than forty thousand pictures stored on her computer! I’ll write that again in big letters.


Quite apart from the reel-upon-reel saved from pre-digital days when we all used proper cameras.

The poor girl is called upon for all family events:

“You will take photos won’t you, Dodie dear?”

We’ve all done it and she always does.


There were quite a photos on my memory stick after the late great trip to Lithuania; about a hundred. These had been sent by kind friends and saved together with at least another hundred from other occasions. (First snowdrops three years ago, grandchildren in fancy dress, several of someone’s party – when?)

The owner-cum-manager of Snappy Snaps carefully tutored me in the mysteries of viewing, choosing, and ordering the selection of prints needed for BH’s album of my trip to his heimat.

I was slightly surprised by the size of the bill and the weight of the packet, but full of cheery chatter I didn’t actually look at the pics until sitting on the homeward bus. Shock horror — I had carefully chosen the wrong hundred! Not only all the odds and ends, but four of each! Not a single one of those I wanted.

I threw myself off the bus and hurtled back to the shop. The owner-cum-manager charmingly refused to charge me for re-doing the correct ones, saying not what a silly old bat we have here, but that his tutoring was obviously faulty.

You see there is a God, in case you doubted it.


bl mike at altar krakow (1)BH loves his album and feels he was almost alongside me in Videniskiai. Now it remains for me to label every picture before I forget who, where, and when.

However BH does have one objection. In last week’s Commonplace he didn’t much care for the representation of Blessed Michal. (Actually I chose it.) So here, at right, is something more traditional, just for him.


The album is proof that the two-night Breakaway was a reality. There is still a remnant of me left in Lithuania which hasn’t quite caught up with my everyday self. This is partly because there has been much to do besides the usual chores. Many new and old friends to thank; and a cherished scheme to forward, of which more anon if it succeeds.

And if the mouse is away the cat will get up to all sorts. One might say I hit the ground running, or perhaps stumbling — and made a nonsense in the photo shop.

Yes it still rankles; I pride myself on never allowing modern gizmos to defeat me.







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