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17 July 2013: Do you “do” holidays?

17 July 2013

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We don’t “do” holidays really. If you take a peep at a page I wrote in 1988 you’ll see why. (Click here)


But just about everyone else is heading off somewhere. Son and family will head for France in a leisurely way by car. One daughter flies to Croatia with her family, another goes to the Lakes with hers. They hope the fabulous July sun will still be shining when they all meet up in Cornwall in August.


Then there’s the Edinburgh Festival, always a powerful draw for the numerous thespians among us. And horrors! The Proms season has started which means it’s nearly autumn.


BH and self will be at home, bar a special day-trip to London next week where yet another daughter delightfully celebrates our 55th – alexandrite – wedding anniversary. She’s cooking our favourite menu. Bet you want to know what that is – well I’ll tell you anyway: Haggis, toad-in-the-hole and bread and butter pudding with “lashings of custard” for BH’s benefit!

(Poor Cookie, just hope it’s not a scorcher, that’s a tough order on a hot day.)







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