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15 October 2014: Matinees


15 October 2014




Every day BH scans the TV schedules for suitable viewing. Old films are favourites and today we will take turns on the sofa.

riddle-of-the-sands-dvdBH has found two: Singin’ in the Rain for him, which he must have seen at least seven times, and The Riddle of the Sands for me.


It wasn’t until I’d read the Erskine Childers book three times that I realised how good it is. A spy story, set among wet and murky sand bars and islands with improbable names, it has you hunting for a map, and looking up your pre-first war history. Lovely stuff and not just a ripping yarn for schoolboys, although it’s that as well.

Surprisingly, there seems to be only one filmed version, made in 1979. Critics give it three stars, a poor rating, but on a cold, wet afternoon I don’t think I shall care.





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