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14 November 2013: Pumpkin pie S.O.S.


14 November 2013




Foolishly, I have promised to make a token pumpkin pie for a Wine and Cheese Evening on 28th, to give it an authentic Thanksgiving feel. I fear it may be a case of “oh silly Ginny.”

Eaten once in 1962, never made but never forgotten, the mouthwatering deliciousness of the authentic pie is one of life’s mysteries. One never sees them in the shops here. I’m sure they have to be homemade. Possibly home-bungled.


My problems are many: I would have to lift a recipe from the internet. I don’t know how to choose the right sort of pumpkin (should it be soft? orange? large or small?) and key where I am concerned – can I not make a pastry bottom for it? Can it be a crushed biscuit base instead?

My kitchen is galley sized, my gadgets few. I do have a rolling pin and a pinny but no electric mixer. When we retired, BH and I, I vowed it would be frozen dinners and packet soups from now on. This has not happened; life is not long enough for frozen dinners…


Please could someone give me a simple, fool (ha!) proof recipe with metric measures if possible, not “cups” [how big is a cup? Huge Mansize? Coffee? Builders Tea? Ladies Tea? Demi? Dolly?] And I need lots of notice because the shopping, especially for the pumpkin will be difficult; here they are only sold for Hallowe’en.

By the way; I will need to know what to serve it on, in, with, without, hot, cold and so on.

Then I promise not to mention food again in these Commonplaces until next year.


Why didn’t I shut up? I’m not even sure pumpkin pie goes with wine and cheese. Let’s hope there are no Americans present.






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