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14 June 2013: Are there magic carpets in heaven?

14 June 2013

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Just at this moment I could really do with a magic carpet. Oh to pack a handy little bundle of necessaries (and all those bally pills I suppose), put on the pink sun hat, sit down among a pile of cushions and take off!

Imagine a slow gentle rising motion, forward and upwards, very silent, except perhaps for a whispering, airy sound. There must be handles or reins to hold on to for guiding the carpet, which would be responsive to the slightest touch, like a thoroughbred horse. Fear, (should you be prone to that) as in a ‘plane, is out of the question: this is just above tree-top flight, not a mind-blowing 37.000 feet.

What’s more the novel mode of travel means nerves are a no-no, the experience is far too interesting. The weather of course is perfect, the views tremendous, and the bundle reveals the most delicious snacks you quite forgot you had packed!

Kick off your shoes and wriggle your toes in the sun. Once used to the motion of the carpet you can get your bearings and direct it to wherever you wish to go…

Oh Ginny Ginny, you silly old thing, there’s no such thing as that carpet. If you want to go anywhere you’ll have a lot more to do than pack a little bundle with or without those bally pills.


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What brought about all this fantasising was an article I read recently in The Telegraph Weekend. It made me want to rush off to Auckland Castle in County Durham. There, hanging in the long dining room (above), are priceless Zurbaran paintings, life-sized, of Jacob and his twelve sons. They are the gift of a retired millionaire investment manager.

I would love to describe more fully this extraordinary present, but the website can do it far better than I. And there is much much more to the gift than paintings. Do visit if you can on my behalf, or at least have a look at:


Please God, let there be magic carpets in heaven.





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