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13 July 2018: Roses roses all the way

13 July 2018


Did I mention that when BH died I planted a rose in his memory? I chose one named Thomas à Becket because BH died on the Archbishop’s Feast Day, December 29th. Here it is, a blood red bush rose, planted in a pot for as long as it will fit.



And I can’t mention St Thomas à Becket without including a photo I took many years ago of the sculpture above the altar that marks the place in Canterbury Cathedral where he was murdered most horribly.

It’s a striking bronze representing the four swords, two of them shadows, that did the deed, in the form of a ghostly Cross. The artist was Giles Blomfield of Truro.


Now I have found and planted another rose named Ghislaine de Feligonde, a rambler unsuitable for a pot, but very suitable for my friend who lived and travelled all over the world. Her husband was a diplomat.

She was one of those friends you meet and get on with immediately. I have been so lucky to know several, all alas gone before. But roses are a beautiful reminder and with care will last for ages.





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