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12 February 2015: It’s enough to make you change your ISP


12 February 2015


Today I’m unashamedly wearing my Mary Whitehouse hat. And if you’re too young to know who that doughty lady was, please look her up.

Should one fulminate against the shady Grey tide of sludge lapping our senses on every side, or ignore it? Even my ISP, Yahoo, has a totally unnecessary and uncalled-for ad displayed on all my devices.




The staff at B&Q, one of the UK’s larger hardware superstores, have been memo’d to expect a flood of questions of a “sensitive” nature from customers requesting rope, cable ties, and tape. They should respond to these questions in a “polite, helpful, and respectful manner”.

A copy of shady Grey has been delivered to each B&Q shop — 369 of them — so that the employees, all 20,887 of them, may familiarise themselves with the contents and borrow the book free for a week. The person who wrote this book will have added at least another £6,000 to the sales figures: good business, eh?

Is such publicity unprecedented?

The mind boggles, it really does.


Of course it’s all going to make stacks of dosh for the author, the film makers – and let us not forget the vendors of rope, etc. Bearing in mind that the British are the most obese people in Europe (and the world for all I know), the manufacturers of rope, cable ties, and other durable lengthy items are in for a bonanza.

Is all this yet another step down into the pit of depravity, or an absolutely hilarious joke?


Either way I find it deeply depressing and hate to think the effect such things must have on young impressionable minds. I trust Private Eye, quite the cleverest satirical mag, to take the mickey.

My beloved BH hasn’t a clue what I’m going on about.






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