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10 October 2014: No two-ways about it


10 October 2014


HN5791“Keep CLAM and proof-read” says my tee shirt, sent by a kindly friend States-side.

Which is what I have been doing, very early in the mornings. Hardly cheery reading for it’s a thesis on Euthanasia. Since the work is based largely on tragic case histories it has been a distressing experience. I shall be glad to see the end of it with the final chapter next week.


What can one say about euthanasia? It’s a subject with no two-ways about it: you either think it’s okay or you don’t, and I belong firmly in the latter camp. It’s a subject my mother would have forbidden at the dinner table along with how much people earned, sex in any shape or form, and religion.

Probably you have as many acquaintances as I do who hold humanist views and consider that euthanasia, from ecological, eugenic, or compassionate grounds, to be quite acceptable.

Actually I avoid talking about it; people can get very heated up and there is little room for discussion as minds are already made up. Including my own. I am quite happy to leave the moral argument to others cleverer than me.


The older I get the more often I find myself floored and silenced by arguments such as this, whereas in the old days I was only too happy to weigh in, loudly opinionated. Older and wiser perhaps?

Or simply chicken.





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