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10 April 2014: Pecan pie


10 April 2014




Some very kind person suggested I follow up my Pumpkin Pie of last November, with a Pecan Pie for Easter — and even presented me with a jar of syrup and what looks like tall, thin walnuts floating at the top.

That old feeling of panic comes over me once again. Where there’s a pie, there must be pastry. I cheated last time and bought ready made; this time I feel morally bound to make it myself  — or does nobody make their own pastry these days?

The syrup seems very liquid. I wonder if a three-minute boiling would thicken it up? Will it “set” when poured into the pastry case? What should it taste like, toffee perhaps?

Should I serve my pie with ice cream, yoghurt, pouring cream, or maybe a brandy custard?

Never in my life have I knowingly eaten a pecan…






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