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1 September 2013: The world is mad with hatred

1 September 2013

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What can one say at such a time, and one must say something, when it seems the world is mad with hatred?

Certainly nothing commonplace.


In a statement in the London Evening Standard on August 29th, the Liberal Democrats Baroness Shirley Williams, Lord Ashdown, Simon Hughes MP, and Nick Clegg, Deputy PM and Leader of the Liberal Democrats, wrote:

“Large-scale use of chemical weapons is a war crime and a crime against humanity . . .  the use of chemical weapons has been outlawed for the best part of a century . . . This is about upholding international law banning the use of chemical weapons . . . The law is the law . . . For the humanitarian sake of the Syrian people — and in defence of peace and stability around the world — these laws must be upheld.”


balanceThere’s a lot more of course, and I have chopped it up rather clumsily. It would be hard to think of anyone less bellicose than those four, and Lord Ashdown is a former soldier. I haven’t voted for the Lib-Dems for years, but find their argument convincing – we are truly in tatters without the law.

But, but, for the last 36 hours, since our Parliament voted against joining our allies in military action, all I hear echoing again and again in my head is:

 “I give you a new commandment: Love one another just as I have loved you.”


How does it square up?






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