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1 June 2018: Once Upon A Summer’s Day


1 June 2018



When I stood in for BH at the opening of the museum in Videniskiai on May 11, 2015 (see “Celebrations”), the Bishop’s representative was also present. I reminded him that a few years previously the Bishop himself had given permission for BH’s ashes (and mine) to be interred in due course in St Lawrence’s church in the crypt of the chapel of Blessed Michał Giedroyć, BH’s saintly kinsman. Blessed Mike (as he is known in the family) spent many years living as a virtual hermit in the Augustinian monastery at Videniskiai before being sent to Krakow to study.

Time goes by. Only three years, in fact, but good time. Anniversaries, gentle occasions with friends, less gentle incidents of illness. BH always composed, always steady, like a good soldier at his post.


Well, now this time has come and tomorrow the interment will take place.

Infinite care has gone into the preparations – not by me, I should say, but by my friends and many others that I have never met. There will be a special Mass, music with choir and soloists, at least one address and speeches. This will all be interpreted for we who are ignorant of Lithuania’s ancient and melodious language. There will be friends gathered from far afield, relations and nearest of kin. I suspect there will be a full house and I fully expect the sun to shine.

The very name Giedroyć is rooted in the Sun, I’m told.


For me, five months after my beloved husband’s death, it will be the turning of a particular page in my life with him.

I shall feel my duty to him accomplished and a satisfaction that the return to his homeland, exactly as he hoped, has come to pass. When my time comes, God willing, I shall rest beside him in my adopted homeland, just as peacefully.


Turgenev’s words, which we often said to each other, have never seemed so true:

“You and I are like the funguses
growing in a hollow tree:

Here we sit side by side,
not budging an inch.

It is only I who will stay with you always,
faithful for ever,
just as you will stay with me.”




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