Virginia Barton

6 April 2018: Tango

My nephew tells me that this musical piece languished in near obscurity until Pope Francis heard it. The rhythms must have been familiar to him, and I like to think of him tapping his feet and having a twirl.

6 October 2017: The Beacon

It can seem a bleak old world whichever way you look at it. But remarkable things do happen, and here is an instance.

5 March 2016: Taxis

Of necessity travel as been by taxi recently, lots of them, for short trips. My insatiable curiosity concerning other people’s lives and backgrounds has the driver spilling the beans in no time.

29 November 2015: St George in Bulgaria

I fear it’s too late to go to Plovdiv or Varna; and climbing the Vitosha mountain is out of the question. I did know about the fabulous and largely unspoiled churches in Bulgaria, but that’s it.

7 August 2015: Travelling

Today a friend has set off for the Altai Mountains, weighed down by luggage of nineteenth-century oddity: ancient guidebook, compass, probably a folding camp-stool, Kendal Mint Cake, aspirin. Even BH has never been that far East.

8 June 2015: Bookmarks

My Bookmarks need weeding. Scrolling down to try and find that excellent website saved to tell me the quickest way overland to Ohrid (when you decide you just can’t face Luton Airport ever again), it’s obvious there’s too much dross.

23 May 2015: Tea for two

Buckthorn, which I have always associated with the sea as a sort of wind-blasted shrub, has berries that are crammed with vitamins. The tea is a valuable antidote to sore throat and colds.

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