Virginia Barton

27 April 2018: Worldly goods

It has to be said that “Sink the Bismarck!” with Kenneth More in the lead role was BH’s all-time best film. I tried to steer him to less war-like topics, “You’ve Got Mail,” for example, but he always chose the Bismarck.

6 April 2018: Tango

My nephew tells me that this musical piece languished in near obscurity until Pope Francis heard it. The rhythms must have been familiar to him, and I like to think of him tapping his feet and having a twirl.

2 February 2018: The Katyn Mug

The Mug, now deserving of a capital “M,” was given to BH by his godfather in Cairo as the war was drawing to a close. It is an object that is very far from commonplace…

26 January 2018: Buddy

I gave BH as one of his Christmas presents this year the Sponsorship of a Guide dog puppy called Buddy.

15 December 2017: Odyssey

Not only soldiers escaped the grip of Stalin thanks to General Anders. As many civilians as could make their way to the muster points were included in the exodus.

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