Virginia Barton

11 May 2015: Celebrations

Try saying the name “Videniskiai”: for an Anglo-Saxon of nearly eighty years it was an almost insurmountable challenge which I got round by British mumbling. How cross my mother would have been! “Do speak up dear, no-one can hear if you mumble into your bosom.”

2 May 2015: Travelling

On Sunday I’m going on a two-nights-away trip, and if you could see the stuff I’m taking, you would think it was to the Pole.

Easter Sunday 2015: Exsultet!

When one hears or reads the gospel this Easter day, be it Matthew’s, Mark’s, or, as in this case Luke’s, the time-scale collapses and the centuries crumple. The event is old and new, years are meaningless.

4 April 2015: Holy Saturday

Saturday has dawned and the forecast is for quiet weather, getting warmer. There may be sunshine. There will be Stations of the Cross at ten o’clock. And then serious cooking for tomorrow’s Feast.

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